Sandal Jepit Istriku (Kisah Renungan)

Kisah ini menceritakan tentang kekhilafan seorang suami dalam memperhatikan keperluan istrinya. Sehingga sampai terlontar ucapan ‘Ah, kenapa tidak dari dulu kulakukan menjemput isteri?’ sesal hatiku.

Yang Membuat Istri Bahagia Bersama Suami

Suami Anda mungkin tidak pernah berkata-kata secara terbuka dan apa adanya kepada Anda. Setiap Anda bertanya kepadanya ia selalu menjawab dengan . . .

AMIKOM pecahkan Rekor MURI

Selasa (9/2) STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta mendapatkan penghargaan dari Museum Rekor-Dunia Indonesia (MURI) atas Rekor Pemrakarsa dan Penyelenggara Pameran Karya Mahasiswa Bidang Teknologi Informasi dengan Jenis Terbanyak.

Daftar Nama-Nama Klub LPI

Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI) yang rencananya akan dihelat pada Sabtu (8/1/2011) di ikuti oleh 19 klub Indonesia. Diantara 19 klub tersebut memang ada yang awalnya . . .

2 Januari 2012

Download Netframework 2.0 3.5

Terkadang beberapa software memerlukan netframework untuk instalasi,
Beberapa software tersebut adalah Microsoft SQL server, Sony Vegas, SPSS dan banayk software lainnya.
Bagi anda pengguna windows XP, biasanya memerlukan instalasi tambaha software ini.
Berikut link untuk mendownload netframework full, link disini bukan instalasi online, tapi instalasi offline.
Download file berikut kemudian jalankan file .exe nya, dilanjutkan install software SPSS, AMOS, SQL server ataupun Vegas dan lainnya :)


25 Desember 2011

Menampilkan nomor baris (line number) dalam Query SQL 2005

Secara default di SQL 2005 nomor baris tidak ditampilkan dalam panel Query. Namun Anda dapat menambahkan mereka jika Anda membutuhkannya cukup mudah.
Ikuti langkah berikut untuk mengaktifkan nomor baris atau menonaktifkan yang diperlukan.
1. Pilih "Tools" dari menu bar dan kemudian pilih "Options".

2. Kemudian expand pilihan "Text Editor"

3. Berikutnya expand pilihan "All Languanges" .

4. Pilih "General",  dan di bawah Display, centang pada "Line Number.

Sekarang ketika Anda membuka "New Query" nomor baris akan muncul. Reverse langkah-langkah untuk menghapus nomor baris.
Semoga bermanfaat ^ ^

22 Desember 2011

Mengembalikan default search engine pada Mozilla Firefox ke Google

 Terkadang setelah kita menginstall suatu program, search engine kita berubah yang sebelumnya adalag google, menjadi Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, EBay dan lain lain.
Masalahnya ketika kita merubah menjadi Google kembali, setelah restart akan kembali ke search engine sebelumnya.
Untuk mengatasi hal tersebut berikut sedikit trik untuk mengembalikan default search engine ke google. Cekidol Gan^^

1. Buka mozilla, dan ketikkan about:config di addressbar

2.Klik I'll be careful, I promise!
3.Kemudian pada filter ketikkan "keyword.URL"

4. Jika sudah ketemu, klik kanan kemudian pilih reset
5. Selesai, restart Firefox Agan
6. Semoga bermanfaat :)

Menggunakan SQL Server 2005 di Windows 7, mengatasi pesan error saat create database

Pesan error sering ini ditemukan saat Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008 berjalan di Windows Vista dan Windows 7. Tidak ada yang salah sebenarnya, bukan karena tidak compatible. tetapi karena akses administratornya tidak diizinkan.
Untuk mengatasi permasalahan, ikuti langkah langkah sebagai berikut
1. Buka SQL Server Surface Area Configuration di Start Menu > All Program > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Surface Area Configuration 
2. Klik add new administrator
3. Pilih tanda > atau >> yang berada di tengah lalu OK! 

4. Sekarang jalankan SQL Server Management Studio Express, dan sekarang sudah bisa digunakan untuk create databases, dll. Semoga bermanfaat  :D

11 April 2011

Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - The Browser Duel

There is a browser that gets more and more market shares: the Google Chrome Browser! And even fellow Firefox fans (like myself) are starting to use Google Chrome recently. But why?
Let´s start with the advantages of both browsers.

Things that I really like in Google Chrome:

  • It is really fast: loading new pages or opening a chrome browser window is definitely fast.
  • It is still fast even after adding dozens of Chrome Extensions!
  • The Google Chrome User Interface is very simple and not polluted with unnecessary features that you don´t use regularly
Cool minimalistic Chrome User Interface: Everything that you need in a very small space: Tabs, back buttons, refresh button, URL field and Extension Icons on the right.
Cool minimalistic Chrome User Interface: Everything that you need in a very small space: Tabs, back buttons, Refresh Button, URL field and Extension Icons on the right.

Things that I like in Firefox:

  • Firefox still has the biggest variety of useful Firefox Plugins
  • Since Firefox is together with Internet Explorer the most popular browser, all the webdesigners test their sites in Firefox - and you can be pretty much sure that every website works fine while browsing through the web
  • It is an open-source browser

Reasons why I will no longer use Firefox as my primary browser:

  • The more plugins you add to Firefox, the slower it tends to be - that doesn´t happen in Chrome. Since I want to have many plugins and there are now also quite a bit of cool Chrome Plugins, I better go with Google Chrome.
  • The way how extensions are implemented in Google´s minimalistic UI is much cooler. No more toolbars-crap that polluted the Firefox user interface.

Reasons that prevent me from fully switching to the Google Chrome Browser:

  • There are some Firefox plugins I can´t live without that are (not yet) available for Google Chrome like for example Selenium IDE for QA testing or Firebug (the Chrome version of Firebug Lite didn´t really convince me so far)
  • Google Chrome is not yet on everybody´s “browsers-to-test” list => from time to time you can see smaller design bugs while browsing through the web
In the end I couldn´t fully switch to Chrome due to some plugins that I just need for work, but for the everyday use I now prefer Chrome, because of the good speed performance and the convincing user interface.
BTW: I skipped comparing Google Chrome with Internet Explorer, because I just assume that no web developers, webdesigners and web product managers seriously use Internet Explorer for the following reasons: (Ok, for browser testing purposes it makes sense to watch your sites through IE eyes from time to time)
  • I don´t personally now people working in the internet industry that personally prefer Internet Explorer
  • If I look into Google Analytics, I can only see a very small percentage of around 15% IE users
If you don´t agree with that and know a good argument to use IE, please let me know and write a comment below!

Main Arsenal and Wenger live in hope

Comedian Frank Carson kept Arsenal's supporters amused outside Bloomfield Road with a few one-liners even older than Jens Lehmann. Time will tell if they have the last laugh this season.
Arsenal's win at Blackpool puts them seven points behind Manchester United at the top of the Premier League with a game in hand and a meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson's side at the Emirates on May Day.
Surely a cause for optimism and excitement as the season approaches it climax - and yet Arsenal's current circumstances have been shrouded in pessimism as well as the sight and sound of manager Arsene Wenger passionately defending his recent record on Friday.
So why do so many dismiss Arsenal's title credentials despite the possibility, admittedly an outside one, that they could yet chase down Manchester United and deprive them of a record 19th championship?

This win was built on the sort of imperious attacking quality that has become their trademark under Wenger, and yet for 15 minutes at the start of the second half they produced all the ammunition required to prove they are not made of title-winning stuff.
Arsenal had recovered from the disruption of losing goalkeeper Manuel Almunia to a knee injury in the warm-up and being forced to draft in 41-year-old Lehmann, at the club on a short-term contract, for his first start for the Gunners in three years.
Lehmann's first-half troubles amounted to his bootlace coming undone as he took a goalkick and a desperate goalmouth scored in stoppage time. Two goals in three minutes from Abou Diaby and Emmanuel Eboue - as well as plenty of missed opportunities - made life even more relaxed for the German veteran as he basked in the seaside sunshine.
arsenal595.jpgRobin van Persie (right) celebrates scoring Arsenal's third goal with Samir Nasri. Photo: Getty
Blackpool then landed a few choice blows on Arsenal's glass jaw and for a short period they wobbled all over the place and were forced to lean heavily on a poor decision from referee Lee Mason to keep them upright.
Gary Taylor-Fletcher pulled one goal back for Blackpool in a madcap moment that saw Mason distinguish himself by twice playing the advantage in the build-up, crucially when Lehmann hauled down DJ Campbell in the area. Had he awarded a penalty life would have been very interesting, raising the possibility of a red card for Lehmann and no replacment with Almunia off the scene.
Mason then undid his fine work by failing to spot, or at least failing to penalise, Laurent Koscielny hauling down Taylor-Fletcher in the area, reviving bad Blackpool memories of when they were also denied a penalty when leading 2-0 against Manchester United earlier this season, a game they went on to lose.
And even after this lucky escape, Keith Southern failed to apply a nod of the head to a simple chance. Blackpool's best hope had been lost on a poor refereeing decision and failure in front of goal.
It continued Blackpool's decline since the turn of the year but they showed what they were all about as they put Arsenal under sustained pressure, albeit too briefly, and their survival now surely hinges on forthcoming home games against Wigan Athletic, Newcastle United and Stoke City.
Arsenal's quality was vastly in excess of Blackpool's and Robin van Persie finally scored from one of several chances to wrap up the win and keep them in pursuit of United - but that 10 minutes of fallability could not be disguised or dismissed.
Former Liverpool and Denmark midfield man Jan Molby was a BBC Radio 5 Live summariser at Bloomfield Road and he saw enough to effectively dismiss Arsenal's chances of coming from behind to overhaul United.
He told me: "Arsenal were all over the place for 15 or 20 minutes. There was always that feeling that if Blackpool got one goal they could really trouble Arsenal and that is exactly what happened for a while.
"Arsenal got really lucky because Blackpool should have had a stonewall penalty and there was again a lack of leadership in that spell. You need someone to say 'right lads let's regroup' but they don't have someone who even attempts to do this. They needed to get the full-backs around the centre halves, get some protection and just clear their heads.
"You couldn't put it down to great play by Blackpool, they showed a bit more energy and directness and Arsenal were hanging on for their lives. When I see things like that, and it has happened before, then I don't see anybody other than Manchester United as champions.
"I think there has been overreaction to a lot of things with Arsenal but I think the situation has reached a level where Wenger has to do something about the centre-half situation in particular.
"If you had a pair of tough centre-backs in there like Brede Hangeland and Gary Cahill, then what we saw against Blackpool is just not happening.
"I don't see Arsenal winning the league, even though they won here. They have got too many tough games coming up, Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United to name but three, and I don't think they've finished shooting themselves in the foot yet either.
"And when you see games like the Carling Cup Final against Birmingham, I'm still not sure they fully understand what they have to do to win, how deep you have to dig when things get tough. I think they lack real leadership.
"If they could get some like Bastian Schweinsteiger, and I mean someone like him, someone who can do a bit of both things in playing a leading as I know it would be impossible to get him out of Bayern Munich, then that would make a huge difference to Arsenal."
Molby's verdict was more light than shade on the sheer quality of players in Arsenal's squad, saying: "They got through and won at Blackpool and they did that because they do have great players like Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie who produce things that win games.
"They create opportunities, make the right decisions in attacking situations - but my feeling is there are things that go on elsewhere that let them down and means I cannot see them winning the Premier League."
Wenger insists they will continue to hunt United down - and dismissing them completely is a dangerous occupation given their current position and this season's capacity to surprise.
It was only on Friday that Wenger insisted finishing second was not a disaster. Can Arsenal - with Stan Kroenke ready to launch a takeover - now produce the definitive answer to their critics and finish even higher?

Tokyo plans to submit bid for 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo intends to bid for the 2020 Olympics as part of Japan's recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit the country in March.
City governor Shintaro Ishihara made the declaration following his re-election for a fourth term.
"Although they [the 2020 Games] are nine years from now, we can start raising our hand," he said.
"If we work hard with hope, it will be a big catalyst for our country's reconstruction and revival."
Large areas of Japan's east coast were devastated by the 9.0-magnitude quake and resulting tsunami waves.
In 2009, Tokyo lost out to Rio de Janeiro in the race to host the 2016 Olympics.
Ishihara was criticised for spending in the region of 15 billion yen ($176m) on Tokyo's failed bid which centred on staging a compact and eco-friendly games.
Candidates for 2020 must submit their bids to the International Olympic Committee by 1 September this year.
The host city will be chosen in Buenos Aires in September 2013.
Berlin, Busan, Cape Town, Doha, Rome and Istanbul are among the cities to have signalled an interest in bidding to stage the 2020 event


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